Honduras – Arriving Home

July 23, 2012 by

The team arrived home to Atlanta on Sunday evening.  The trip home was uneventful.

The team was very tired but changed. We praise God for the awesome trip.


Thanks for following us.  Claire and Gene are still in Honduras for one more week.

Honduras Saturday

July 22, 2012 by

Saturday was a very busy day. We went to both El Reventon and Las Moritas on our final day.  We worked with the women, children, and youth in El Reventon.  We also presented the mural that everyone had worked on in crafts.  Our theme of One body from John 17:23 was shown in the mural and how it was painted.  one third of each mural was painted by Las Moritas, El Reventon, and North Avenue (including the children in VBS a few weeks ago).

In Las Moritas we presented the mural and said our goodbyes.

At dinner at the Humuya Inn, the translators, Bus driver, and Rev. Maria Consuelo from the Episcopal church all joined us for the special BBQ. It was a great ending to a great day and week.

There will be one more post after arriving home on Sunday.  Gene and Claire are staying at the Jericho Villa another week.  They will likely have more posts.

Youth praying in E Reventon

Women at El Reventon

Making beads with children in El Reventon

NAPC Team picture in front of One body mural in Las Moritas.

Community picture at Las Moritas








Gene and Claire cooking tortillas at Jericho Villa

July 21, 2012 by

We are finishing a fantastic first week here at Jerico Ministries Villa near Danli, Honduras.  First two days were a respite in the rustic but beautiful villa with twelve children and two staff from Korea, one a university prof who is helping me with the technology, using a wireless modem out here in this remote area.  Other than one cell phone (our outof country phone we purcased won’t work here)  and a DVD player, there is no technology.  We have had more interaction wth Betsy Haake, the Director than we had expected and love her stories of God’s miracles.  She truly depends upon God to do the unexpected. We painted one of the apartments for  the women (a tedious job), took the children on two ardous two hour hikes,Gene plays soccer with the boys, and now we are teaching English.  The children (8 – 16 yrs) all study English so I am doing classes where they practice speaking English one on one with four of us here who speak it.  They loved venturing out.  Some did quite well.  The children have all been referred by social services or a missionaryor pastor. All of them have been abused or neglected.  Theyfunction so well together.  They take turns cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, and washing their own clothes. Last night we had a special treat going to Danli to Pizza Hut where we ate and hung out for two hours while each child had time to call their parents. So the kids gave all of us massages and Song Duk from Korea gave us a wonderful hand therapy.  Once home, the kids gave abuello and abuella another massage!

Was wonderful!  We eat lot of Korean food since two staffers know how to cook it.  We also are help8ing with the research and steps to get their hen house which is built up and running.  Also will paintsome Scriptures on teh villa walls.  We arise at 5:00 am for morning prayers and go to bed around 9:00 so it’s a good life!  We are so glad we came. Am writing lots because may not get another chance.  Tomorrow we go into Tegucigalpha to church with the other part of the ministry where about 14 more children live. Look forward to another week here.

Honduras Friday

July 21, 2012 by

Happy Lempira Day! July 20th is celebrated as a national holiday in Honduras. Lempira was a native chief who led an unsuccessful uprising against the Spanish. He is also honored by the currency of Honduras which is also called Lempira.

Today is also Dan Riggs’ Birthday.  Happy Birthday Dan!

We went to El Reventon after picking up several people in Las Moritas with the intention of helping with the celebration. Unfortunately, we just got in the way after watching part of the festivities.  Therefore, we left El Reventon after lunch.  We played Futbol with the kids in Las Moritas for a short time before getting back to the Inn around 4 PM.  We have a lot to do tonight to prepare for our last day in El Reventon and Las Moritas.

Happy Birthday Dan!

Children dressed for Lempira Day

Whole group at bus in Las Moritas

Don with Yosimar




Honduras Thursday

July 20, 2012 by

This week has been really fun and exciting; today we visited a new village (El Reventon). It  was  really  fun to meet new people, (but  because  I am so bad at Spanish  I was constantly  calling the translators ). But I am improving on my Spanish (this it like a brush up on my Spanish).  While we   were at the village we played games like, ninja, duck, duck goose so it kind of went both ways as we took roles in plays, and reading bible stories, and playing in puppet shows, so that we could show the children and women how much God loves us and cares about us and we also took some friends from Las Moritas (Juana, Erlinda, Magda, Carla, Vanessa, and Yensy) with us. But I have really enjoyed being with the little kids and seeing them all excited about learning more.

Love Alifa

PS Today Johanna (NAPC member in Honduras for 2 months) and Susy (Johann’s husband, Obed, mother who lives in Tegucigalpa) joined us.

Singing in El Reventon

Women at El Reventon – Las Moritas women too

Carrie and friends

Yensy and Johanna tell the Bible Story

Parachute time

Youth in El Reventon

Painting tiles for wall hanging (one each for El Reventon, Las Moritas, and NAPC.

Magda, Vanessa, Yensy, Erlinda, Carla and Juana from Las Moritas after a long day at El Reventon.

Carolyn with Susy and Johanna after they stayed for dinner.









Honduras Wednesday

July 19, 2012 by

Hey, this the three stooges (Matthew, Nathaniel, and Timothy). Got up EARLY and went to Jericho ministries and heard an awesome testimony of faith by Ms. Betsy, who was the founder as well as the one who runs the ministry. We spent four hours moving to and from Jericho. What nice bonding time! We got this cool assignment from Carrie and Emma. We drew a name out of a hat and then we had to observe that person for the day. We went back to Las Moritas today at around 1:30. Coolest thing happened. It was raining cats and dogs, and we prayed, and the rain stopped. We talked about Pentecost and afterward, during discussion, a bunch of the youth stood and professed their faith to God. Then, we did origami until we had to leave. Timothy made a ginormous stellated icosahedron (a big star). We left at four, and had an uneventful evening. We shared who we observed and shared their talents and spiritual gifts. And now, having consumed gallons of ice cream, we are typing this blog. To all the parents, we’re safe, we’re fine, and we’re having a great time!

Aste manana!
The Three Stooges

Betsy giving her story about the Jericho Ministries

Jericho Villa in Danli.

Claire and Gene in from of Jericho Villa

Lauren and Carrie with Diana and Jose

Playing Ninja

Barbara helping Maria Magdelina with origami

Timothy with origami star

Matthew, Yosimar, Emma, Anna, and Cecelia









Honduras Tuesday

July 18, 2012 by

We had a full day in Las Moritas.  We began the morning with worship songs with the ladies followed by a skit about the miracles of Jesus.  The children were in school for the morning, so we had 15 ladies and several small children making up our group.   Our bible study focused on the miracles of Jesus and present day miracles that we see today.  A poignant testimony was told by one of the ladies about her daughter being diagnosed with cancer, and  the mother wanted to take the diagnosis  for her.  She prayed to God and in tears she shared how God had spared her life, a present day miracle!  We ended our time together with reading Psalm 139 together and a time of prayer.  The ladies finished their “magazine necklaces” and wore them proudly.

The children arrived at 1pm after school and had a joyful worship time, followed by a skit on the miracles of Jesus.  The youth went with Jessica for a special time of discussion about what it means to follow Jesus as a teenager.  Magazine bracelets were made by everyone, followed by painting of the squares that will become of a mural on the wall of the church signifying the unity of believers.

A delicious dinner and devotions led by Jessica filled the evening.  We are now all learning how to do origami and preparing for our afternoon tomorrow with them.

Tomorrow morning we will go to the ranch that is part of Jericho House ministry to women of the street to see their work and visit with Claire and Gene Hertzler who are working with them for the next 2 weeks.

Everyone is feeling well tonight and enjoying fellowship with the group.  Keep the prayers going we fee them.


Barbara Chandler


Play time

Playing Kung Fu

Anna with Daniela and Dariela

Monday addendum

July 17, 2012 by

The pictures for Monday’s post are out of order but you can get the idea of the day.  I’ll work on formatting for the rest of the week.

Honduras Monday

July 17, 2012 by


Fredis and Pamela act out Bible Lesson 

Dan with friends.

Monday was a good day!  After a slow start in the morning, many children came of all ages.

The women were first in the morning. They were slow arriving and we finally had 5 or so show up.  the discussion was fruitful.  The craft was making beads out of magazines. We will string them today.  The small children also helped make beads in the morning. During the morning we saw a few of the youth and determined they have school in the afternoon so they likely wouldn’t be there. After watching Brian leave for school in his uniform, he was back in 30 minutes after finding out there was no school.

After out delicious lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the children started arriving.  We ended up with around 50 with 15 to 20 youth.  God does work in strange and wonderful ways. After acting out the Bible Story (the Las Moritas youth did it) and a puppet show, the youth and children split up.  Jessica talked to the youth about helping when we go to El Reventon later in the week.  She also challenged them about making their faith public. She gave them a chance to do so when the group got back together.  Several of our team members and a few youth made a brief public statement.

Dinner at the Humuya was great as usual.  Father Joe Rhodes joined us.  He is a longtime friend and joined us for dinner. He is now the rector at St. Mary’s School here in Tegucigalpa.  It was great to see him and get his perspective.

During devotions, we shared how God had used bad things in our life for good and about the day.  It was an extremely positive day.



Women’s Bible Study



Patricia and Julia

Patricia and Julia 


Hanging out with Yensi and Brian 


Emma gets Jose’s life story (Jose is blind and usually ignored – this was a blessing to us all) 



Honduras Arrival

July 16, 2012 by

Team after check-in at Atlanta Airport


Walking down the hill to the church in Las Moritas after bumpy bus ride


Dan leading devotions


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